At Glory House we do hugs, second chances, encouragement and love.

Our Mission


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Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite the darkness.

The Glory and Spero House is a beacon of hope in the darkness of doubt and fear. We don’t see survivors as victims, but as victors. We offer the unique support and tools to help facilitate a new mindset and life. We can assist in helping survivors overcome various obstacles, problems, and difficulties with this set of offerings.

Welcome to Glory House

Glory House helps women who are out of domestic violence, human trafficking, and trying to overcome the defeat of addiction, mental health, and criminal activity.

What We Do

9 years of success with helping women

We are changing the lives of women

I designed this program to help women get back on their feet and have a strong foundation to re-enter the community as productive women. We offer optional classes FREE of charge. They will have money in Escrow. As the women graduate, they will have access to all of Glory House’s resources and opportunities to be able to stand on their own two feet.

Glory House is changing the lives of women who have a sincere desire to change. Glory House helps women who have suffered from abuse, neglect, depression, incarceration, or addictions as well as other difficulties. Glory House helps women recognize their self-worth and stop the hurt and destructive lifestyles they’ve come to know. Glory House provides a safe, nurturing and supportive place for women to live.

Meet our Founder of Glory House

Jane Guerino — Executive Director of Glory House

Jane Guerino
Executive Director of Glory House

Jane Guerino was an adopted child who was sexually abused from the age of four to nine. At age 30, Ms. Guerino was abducted and was held for five months without clothing in a frigid cold basement, where she was terrorized and tortured. She was then sold to different sex traffickers for two years until her escape. Ms. Guerino suffered immense deprivation and violence while captive. Today, she helps abused, trafficked, and incarcerated girls and women through Glory House, the organization she founded.

Our support and services include:


Joy Blessing Glory House Graduate

Joy Blessing

My name is Joy blessing, I came to Glory House on June 8, 2014. After spending 7 1/2 years in prison, I was very broken.

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Robin Gaber Glory House Manager


Hi, my name is Robin and this is my story. I was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a few broken bones in my lower

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In Memory of...

Clay Smith Glory House

Clay Smith

I met Clay at Believers and Business, a networking group that he organized. He sponsored Glory House from the beginning. He supported our cause throughout

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Kiara N. Senick 1986 — 2019 Glory House

Kiara N. Senick

1986 — 2019 Was a resident of Glory House many times because of bad decisions which ended her life. She was like a daughter to

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