Sally “Sarah” Ramer

Sally Every kind of abuse imaginable… Pain… Fear… Darkness… This was my daily life and it was afflicted upon me by those who claimed they loved me… My parents… My husband (who was also my trafficker).

But years later, a beacon of light and of hope appeared in my life by the name of Glory House. It was here that I had finally felt safe!

I was given many opportunities to learn (through classes and courses offered to me, which I took full advantage of!), to grow and to heal.

Over time and with the support and genuine love shown to me, I grew in strength, wisdom and Independence! My scars (especially my emotional ones) began to heal and I became the person I was meant to be!

When the time was right and I was ready to experience freedom for the first time ever, Glory House help me to find my very own apartment and helped me to furnish it!

Almost 4 years have passed since I graduated from the Glory House program and I still live in my wonderful apartment, I have become the co-executive director of Glory House and my days are so bright now that I have to wear sunglasses!! 😃