Amy Zandonella

Amy Zandonella Glory HouseMy name is Amy and I came to live at Glory House after being incarcerated for a year. I was battling an addiction to alcohol and was at the end. I was tired and wanted to stop. Being in jail gave me a jump start with my sobriety. I also involved myself with Bible Studies while in jail. This gave me a small foundation in learning about God and spirituality. What I found at Glory House was the welcoming, nurturing, safe place that desperately needed. I grew in my faith in God, was welcomed by two church families and made many new friends that are now a support system for me. I have recently moved on from Glory House to live in an apartment with a friend but have many fond memories of my days there. Living at Glory House was an important step that I needed at the time to foster a sober lifestyle for myself and to continue to grow with God’s love.