Robin Gaber Glory House Manager

Hi, my name is Robin and this is my story. I was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a few broken bones in my lower back, now mind you I had no where to go once I would be released. I had been searching all over to find somewhere to live with no luck someone […]

Clay Smith

Clay Smith Glory House

I met Clay at Believers and Business, a networking group that he organized. He sponsored Glory House from the beginning. He supported our cause throughout the last years of his life. Clay Smith has done so much for Glory House, and we all respected trusted and loved him. Clay Smith you are missed.

Kiara N. Senick

Kiara N. Senick 1986 — 2019 Glory House

1986 — 2019 Was a resident of Glory House many times because of bad decisions which ended her life. She was like a daughter to me. I love you Kiara you are so missed.