Tina from Glory House

Hi, my name is Tina. I am recovering from addictions since 1995. I have been a victim of abuse, homelessness and living in my car. I got mixed up with the wrong crowd and housing environment. It cost me everything, including my car. I definitely hit my bottom! In the past recovery houses, things weren’t […]


Robin Gaber Glory House Manager

Hi, my name is Robin and this is my story. I was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a few broken bones in my lower back, now mind you I had no where to go once I would be released. I had been searching all over to find somewhere to live with no luck someone […]

Joy Blessing

Joy Blessing Glory House Graduate

My name is Joy blessing, I came to Glory House on June 8, 2014. After spending 7 1/2 years in prison, I was very broken. I was also lost. I was paroled to Glory House which opened their arms to me with love respect and support. I have never felt such love. I never had […]

Amy Zandonella

Amy Zandonella

My name is Amy and I came to live at Glory House after being incarcerated for a year. I was battling an addiction to alcohol and was at the end. I was tired and wanted to stop. Being in jail gave me a jump start with my sobriety. I also involved myself with Bible Studies […]

Sally “Sarah” Ramer

Sally Ramer Glory House Graduate

Every kind of abuse imaginable… Pain… Fear… Darkness… This was my daily life and it was afflicted upon me by those who claimed they loved me… My parents… My husband (who was also my trafficker). But years later, a beacon of light and of hope appeared in my life by the name of Glory House. […]